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Industrial Pencil Sharpeners

In the olden days pencil sharpeners where heavy machines made from metal not plastic.

The A. W. Faber № 52/20 is a beautiful machine utilising a hand-cranked planetary sharpener.

A. W. Faber № 52/20 from above

A. W. Faber № 52/20 from the side

The Guhl & Harbeck Jupiter 2 is a heavy machine with a cast iron base for added weight and holes to screw it to a table. It uses reversible rotary cutter-disks for sharpening pencils.

Jupiter 2 Guhl & Harbeck

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IBM Model M

Got my Model M from the attic for some serious heavy duty force feedback keyboarding…

IBM Model M

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When you want to go to a console today it is a matter of pressing ctrl+alt+a function key (e. g. f2; or alt+f2 if your not coming from a console running X). But in the olden days this was what a console actually looked like.

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